If nature has not awarded you thick, expressive eyebrows, there is a solution - permanent eyebrow makeup. Tired of tinting your eyebrows every day? Try permanent makeup.

Eyebrow Tattoo

How to make permanent makeup more durable

However, unlike a real tattoo, the pigment is placed only in the uppermost layers of the skin. This makes the procedure of permanent eyebrow makeup less painful. But the impact occurs on susceptible areas, so discomfort is still felt.

Permanent eyebrow makeup fades after a while, but it happens very slowly - usually within a few years. This is both a plus and a minus of the beauty trend in tattooing - on the one hand; it replaces the daily application of decorative cosmetics, which saves time and ensures a perfect brow. On the other hand - to correct an unsuccessful result is extremely difficult, long, and unpleasant. Before deciding on a semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo procedure, it is worth weighing up the pros and cons of beautiful brows.

How the permanent eyebrow makeup procedure is performed

Beforehand, finding out whether you can do permanent eyebrow makeup is recommended. There are a few contraindications: inflammation in treatment, uncompensated diabetes, and severe blood clotting disorders. A couple of days before the procedure of permanent eyebrow makeup, it's recommended to refuse to visit a solarium, drinking alcoholic and energy drinks. Often conducted by a brow artist or eyebrow tattoo expert, the process occurs in several stages.

  1. Cleansing and disinfection of the skin.
  2. Correction of the natural brow shape.
  3. Local anaesthesia is optional but often preferred for those with sensitive skin types.
  4. Marking the future shape of the eyebrows using eyebrow hairs as a guide.
  5. Choice of fresh colouring shade.
  6. Introduction of pigment under the skin by the Tattoo Brow artist.
  7. Treatment with disinfectants and soothing agents for fast healing of the tattooed brow.

Eyebrow permanent makeup techniques

Permanent eyebrow makeup "Powder Spraying."

The technique of permanent eyebrow makeup, "Powder Spraying," gives a soft, natural result. This technique uses a unique tool with a needle sprayer and several shades of dye selected according to the client's appearance and natural colour.

High-quality powder spraying of eyebrows looks like a light haze, which imitates natural daytime makeup. It increases the volume and density of eyebrows, making the face more expressive. In powder spraying of eyebrows, the needle penetrates to a depth of less than 1 mm, while in classical tattooing - up to 1.5 mm. The superficial introduction of pigment provides naturalness, but permanent eyebrow makeup in this technique lasts very long, often 1-3 years. But powder eyebrow plastering is non-traumatic and practically does not cause painful sensations.

Hair permanent eyebrow makeup

This permanent eyebrow makeup technique, popular among tattoo artists, applies dye in thin strokes, imitating eyebrow hairs. The master can draw strokes in one direction or different directions - the second option is preferable, as it looks more natural. The method of permanent hair makeup is suitable for those with light or sparse eyebrows. The price of permanent makeup in the hair technique is slightly higher than that of powder spraying since the brow artist performs more detailed work.


The technique of permanent eyebrow makeup called "microblading" implies the manual execution of small incisions on the skin, in which the dye is introduced. This rather labour-intensive technique requires a lot of experience and skill from the Brow Tattooist. Healed after microblading, eyebrows "grow back", a new layer of the epidermis, and the tattoo looks like natural growth.

Permanent eyebrow makeup: healing by days

Since the most progressive and modern permanent makeup technique, today is powder eyebrow makeup, we will pay attention to it in this section. We tell you how the healing process occurs and how crusts come off after permanent eyebrow makeup using the powdered.

Immediately after tattooing, eyebrows look neat, without swelling and redness. Exception - clients with susceptible skin types, but even in this case, the eyebrows "calm down" within a few hours.

Day 2. As reported in reviews about permanent eyebrow makeup, the eyebrows acquire a more intense shade, slightly darker. But at the same time, powder coating looks good and does not force you to hide it until completely healing. You may not be used to bright eyebrow colour, but be patient - the result will be delicate.

Day 3. The crusts dry up on the third day after powdering permanent eyebrow makeup. They should be treated with the aftercare cream recommended by your master. With proper care, the crusts will soften, moisturise, and not come off before time. Sometimes masters of permanent makeup advise dry healing without the use of moisturisers.

Day 4. The skin damage heals quickly, and the crusts thicken. Under no circumstances should you interfere with this process! Be careful when putting on clothes to avoid damaging the crusts, don't steam or scratch them.

Day 5. The crusts are gone by the fifth day of permanent eyebrow makeup healing. Your eyebrows look natural, but you may find them too light. This is natural, as they are still covered by a thin layer of healed new skin, which mutes the colour of the pigment. Over a few days to a couple of weeks, you'll see the final result of the procedure.

How long does permanent eyebrow makeup last?

There is no single answer to how long permanent eyebrow makeup lasts. As a rule, the time of permanent eyebrow makeup is about 1-2 years, in some cases - up to 3-5 years. But some factors affect the duration of the result:

  1. Type of colourant.
  2. Depth of pigment injection.
  3. Post-procedure care.
  4. Touch-up appointment and correction mode.

Care of eyebrows after permanent makeup

To make the result of powder spraying you happy, you should know how to care for permanent eyebrow makeup. Eyebrow care after permanent makeup is an integral part of your transformation. The recommendations are as follows:

  1. It would be best not to wash your face with water and cleansers two to three days after the procedure. Use micellar water for your face, and cleanse your eyebrows with a cotton swab with chlorhexidine with blotting movements.
  2. After washing, dry your eyebrows with a tissue, clean cloth, or soft towel.
  3. Do not use decorative cosmetics for eyebrows during the first weeks after powder spraying.
  4. It would be best not to visit a bath, sauna, or solarium two weeks after the procedure.
  5. On healing eyebrows, you can apply regenerating products (as recommended by the brow artist).
  6. Protect your eyebrows from the sun with sunglasses and hats.
  7. After 4-6 weeks, you can perform correction of permanent eyebrow makeup.

Tattoo Brow

Correction of permanent eyebrow makeup

Correction after permanent eyebrow makeup consists of reintroducing the dye under the skin. In this section, let's understand whether it is mandatory and why it is necessary.

Experts say that correction of permanent eyebrow makeup is highly desirable. Its meaning is that the master could assess the effect of the procedure and, if necessary, correct deficiencies. Only a specialist can determine whether the eyebrows heal correctly and whether there are no complications. It happens that the brightness of the tattoo does not meet the client's expectations, and the eyebrows seem too faded; after correcting permanent makeup, the eyebrows will become brighter.

How long after permanent eyebrow makeup will I need a correction?

It is recommended to come for the first touch-up appointment in 1-1.5 months and the second in 1-1.5 years. It is better to visit the same master; however, if you do not like the result, correction can be done by another specialist.


Colour of permanent eyebrow makeup

Experts advise choosing the colour of permanent eyebrow makeup based on the general "colouring" of the girl. When creating a stylish and modern image, the master strives for the most natural effect. Here are a few recommendations regarding the colour of permanent eyebrow makeup:

for blondes - eyebrows a tone darker than the hair; shades of cold, greyish;

for brunettes - a tone lighter, brown or dark grey will do;

for redheads - a shade darker than the natural hair colour;

soft, non-contrasting shades are preferable for wide eyebrows;

black is better not to use;

You can experiment with shadows to choose the colour of permanent eyebrow makeup.

Eyebrow permanent makeup removal

Unfortunately, sometimes eyebrow tattooing is performed by an unqualified master, and the quality of the result leaves much to be desired. It also happens that the client regrets the procedure and wants to get rid of the tattoo. For this, there is laser removal of permanent eyebrow makeup. It allows you to remove and lighten the pigment entirely - the final goal depends on the number of sessions. Complete laser tattoo removal can take a year. This is a complex process, in which it is impossible to predict how the paint will behave in advance - especially since most girls come to the procedure after several corrections, in which more and more new pigment is added.

Whether to get permanent eyebrow makeup

How to make the final decision on whether to do permanent eyebrow makeup? Let's weigh the pros and cons of the procedure.

Pros of permanent eyebrow makeup:

with powder spraying - a natural look and soft spreading;

with the hair technique - the ability to fill in sparse eyebrows, no solid colour;

minimum pain;


no need to apply makeup daily; after permanent eyebrow makeup, they look perfect in the photo and real life.

Minuses of permanent eyebrow makeup:

The dye can change shade;

the need for correction of permanent eyebrow makeup;

the unpredictability of the result;

redness, swelling and scars - in case of sensitive skin or insufficient qualification of the master;

complicated removal procedure.