A lip tattoo can enhance and define your lips by adding colour or evening out your natural lip colour.

Lip Blush Melbourne

What is Lip blushing?

The process of lip blushing involves using a handheld machine to shade pigment into the upper layers of lip tissue, creating a natural-looking tint. This lip blush Melbourne service can correct uneven lip colour, define the lip line, and make lips appear fuller.

Straight after the cosmetic procedure

The colour of your lips may appear darker and more like lipstick on the first day, but it will soften as they heal to achieve a subtle, natural lip tint.

How long does it last?

Results may vary for each individual after the initial session and touch-up, with results typically lasting 2-5 years. Additional touch-ups may be necessary depending on the individual and desired look. Permanent makeup ink differs from body art ink and is designed not to last as long.

What to expect?


  • Moderate swelling, redness, and bruising can be expected during the first five days.
  • To reduce swelling, apply a Ziploc bag filled with water and ice for no more than 15 minutes at a time.
  • The skin may have mild flaking or scabbing during the initial healing period. It is crucial not to pick at the scab and allow it to dry and come off independently.
  • The colour will lighten up to 60% once the healing process is complete.
  • Colour variations may be visible during the healing process. Please understand that results may not be immediate.


Does the lip tattoo procedure hurt?

The sensation experienced during lip blushing varies from individual to individual. To minimize discomfort, a potent medical-grade numbing cream is applied before and throughout the procedure to maintain the highest comfort level possible.

What's the timeframe for the procedure, and what will happen?

The lip-blushing process spans approximately 2.5 hours, with considerable time dedicated to consultation and preparatory steps. The procedure only commences after addressing all concerns and mutually agreeing on the desired shape. Once agreement is reached, the numbing process, which takes about 35 minutes, begins, followed by the actual lip blush Melbourne. During the procedure, the ingestible, non-toxic ink might enter your mouth; although it has an unpleasant taste, it is safe to ingest.

Can you get a lip blush tattoo done?

Before considering lip blushing, carefully reviewing the contraindications listed below is essential. If any of these apply to you, you are not recommended to undergo this procedure.

If you have had cosmetic tattooing done in the past, please send an email (before booking) with a picture.


  • Smoking may impact pigment retention and distort colours.
  • Individuals with a history of MRSA.
  • Psoriasis is present in the treatment area.
  • You have been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease.
  • Thyroid/Graves disease can cause medication to affect pigment retention.
  • You  have  Anemia
  • The patient is currently receiving chemotherapy treatment.
  • This service is not available for those who are pregnant or nursing.
  • There is a diagnosis of either type 1 or type 2 diabetes.
  • Patients under a doctor's care should consult with their physician and obtain written approval before proceeding with this procedure if there are any questions or concerns.
  • Individuals who are prone to cold sores may want to take precautionary measures.

Melbourne Lip Blush

Please be aware that while Lip blushing is typically successful, results are not guaranteed. This procedure involves cosmetic tattooing, and the skin's ability to retain pigment can vary. Factors such as different skin types, healing, or bleeding during the procedure can lead to differing results.

General precautions for permanent lip tattoo

Lip tattooing can cause cold sore outbreaks and result in loss of pigmentation for those prone to cold sores. We recommend taking prescribed anti-viral medication before and after the procedure to prevent outbreaks. You can still have Lip blushing done, but we want to ensure the best results. Consult with your doctor for further questions. If you have an outbreak or other skin issue, please reschedule your appointment promptly.

Before your treatment


  • Avoid taking aspirin, ibuprofen, fish oils, vitamin E, or consuming excessive alcohol at least 48 hours before your procedure.
  • Avoid taking any prescription blood thinners 48 hours before and after your procedure.
  • It is recommended to discontinue using any vitamin A skin care products, such as Retinol-A or Retinols, near the enhancement area for at least two weeks before the procedure. It is also advised not to use these products over or around the tattooed area after receiving your cosmetic tattoo, as it may lead to fading and colour distortion.
  • Avoid using AHA skin care products near the tattoo area for at least one week before your appointment.
  • Avoid laser or electrolysis treatments on or around the treatment area one week before the procedure.
  • Avoid using Botox or fillers in the procedure area for at least five weeks before or after.
  • Please schedule trips or events at least 14 days after the procedure. Limit caffeine intake on the morning of your appointment due to potential unwanted effects.
  • Avoid undergoing medical peels, dermabrasions, mesotherapy, or other intense treatments that may cause skin irritation or faster skin cell rejuvenation 3-4 weeks before the procedure.
  • Patients who have taken prescription Accutane in the past should wait at least one year before considering this procedure.
  • It is advised to avoid sun exposure or tanning beds for 30 days before and after your procedure. If you arrive with a new tan or sunburn, you must reschedule and forfeit your booking fee, as exfoliation from sunburn can remove pigment.
  • If you have a current cosmetic tattoo, please contact me before scheduling your appointment.